Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm not sure where this is going

So this post started as a rant about how James Horner uses a lot of the same music in many of the movies he scores, then I realized about halfway through that anyone who might read it would then seriously question my sanity (as if they don't already), so I decided to go in a different direction.


I often find myself bored while at work, thus I occasionally think of some activities that might pep things up a bit, and thought I would share.

5. Create a blog for my cat on my corporate profile page
Recently, I have been working on promoting the use of our corporate knowledge management resources so as to facilitate the sharing of information and resources throughout the company. Most people are not that interested, so what better way to spark their interest than to make a blog that is written from the perspective of my cat. I'm sure Schroder would have some very insightful things to say about the economy, corporate environments, and even systems engineering.

4. Knit a scarf
When they ask me why I'm charging company hours to knit a scarf, I will calmly explain that if facilities would stop the vent above my desk from blowing -54 degree Celsius air onto my head I would no longer have a need for a scarf.

3. Stick a post-it on all my cube mate's monitors that says, "Kirk or Picard?"
I don't know why I wanted to do this, but it seemed funny at the time.

2. Walk into my boss's office and yell, "I love lamp!"
If I ever need a reason to get myself fired, I think this would do the trick.

1. Everytime someone's phone rings, play the "Hello! Hello!" sound bite from U2's Vertigo out loud.
I'm pretty sure this is a good indication of how bored I get at work.

So there you have it. I'll leave it to you to decide whether or not you would have rather read about James Horner reusing music in his movies.


  1. I have no idea who the hell James Horner is. You should check to see if you have HP printers in your office. You can remotely change the display to read out anything you want. I once changed the LCDs on the printers here to read "Insert Coin".

  2. You should follow the link that I so cleverly placed in my post that leads straight to the wiki for James Horner, then you will know who he is, lol. Aside from that, brilliant idea with the printer, but the ones here are not HP.

  3. Don't care about anything other than the Titanic soundtrack. That was a magical album.

  4. Picard, dammit, Picard.

    And yes, I would like to read the rant. :) I'm curious.