Thursday, February 18, 2010

*Face Palm*

Yesterday was a good day for silly things apparently. While at work, I encountered three different artifacts that made me laugh, *face palm*, or a combination of the two, so I thought I would share.

Below is a picture of an article I saw on Google News. The headline caught my attention immediately, as I became curious how an entire city would be capable of shooting at a truck.

Move over Texas, Don't Mess With Nashua!

This is a Pier 1 Imports add I received in my Gmail. The email title is what caught my attention, as I was unaware that lamps had gained the ability to levitate and thus it had to be said that these in fact did not.

How disappointing. I wonder if Target has the levitating models?

Last but by far not the least, I found this decision chart on my company's wiki FAQ forum. At first glance, it looks like it has to be a joke, but it was the serious answer to the question, "When do I know when to use SharePoint over Wiki?"

Apparently, if one is completely inept, has no arms, and is unconscious, they should use SharePoint. Thanks FAQ!


  1. I'm thinking your company is wanting everyone to use sharepoint...

  2. I'm thinking people in general shouldn't be given access to a wiki. If you want proof, Oh, and I voted for Joanna the Mad. Ooh baby, crazy up my Spain anytime.

    You should submit the news article to Probably Bad News.